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What are possible consequences for calling the police and making false claims

Columbus, OH |

Is calling the police and making false claims (eg: saying "person x is on my property tapping on my windows!" when person x is in fact not on the caller's property) a criminal or misdemeanor offense in Ohio?

What about in CA? My fiance and I recently got primary custody of his 8 year old son and his mother is furious. We have had to resort to basically not talking to her because she just yells and screams at us. The police showed up at our front door last friday because she called and told them that my fiance had told her he was taking the child and she would never see him again. Once the situation was explained nothing else happened, but do we have any recourse?

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Making such a call is at least a first degree misdemeanor offense in Ohio and in certain circumstances may amount to a felony. Even as a misdemeanor you could face jail time and a fine as well as civil liability to the person that you made the false claim about.

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