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What are possible consequences for 2nd degree computer trespass under WA criminal code

Redmond, WA |

Subject computer trespass 2nd degree
I am a Boeing retiree- retired in 1995

Over a year ago - March 2007- The Boeing Company, without my knowledge or consent or by trickery installed a PKI certificate on my private home computer - apparently as a result of some issues I had with their ethics department and the Union (SPEEA) I did not discover this certificate until Jan 2008. Meanwhile, ithe PKI certificate effectively blocked my access to my 401k account.
Both by phone and as a result of an inquiry on my behalf by the Redmond Police dept - Boeing claims they do not install such certificates on personal - home computers. After removing the certificate, I was able to access online my 401k account. Since I cannot prove any monetary loss, what recourse do I have under state law? King county referred me to Redmond police who will not follow up since Boeing refuses to ack the certificate and claim that they cannot track who might have put it on. I have documeted this via emails, etc

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I'm a little confused by your question. Can you rephrase it in a way that someone who's not tech savvy can understand? What exactly is a PKI certificate and how did it blog access to your 401K account?

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