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What are our rights for workers comp and can we get ride of our nurse case manager.

Phoenix, AZ |

we have asked our nurse case manager to leave the room and not enter or dr appointments but later found out that she stays and talkes with our dr and has him change his mind about all we had just talked about. She keeps pushing on having my husband return back to work at all cost and is becoming really roude and hard to be around. what can we do and what is legal for her to do.

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  1. I'm not an AZ attorney, but in Rhode Island the employee can certainaly chose whether they want to have a nurse case manager follow their care and attend appointments. What I do is when a nurese case manager is involved, I send a cease and desist letter to the adjuster telling them NO NURSE CASE MANAGER. In RI, and I'm sure the same is true in AZ, there is no requirement that they attend office visits etc. Think about it, what you say to your doctor and what the doctor says to you is protected by a doctor/patient privilege. In order to be a part of that conversation, the patient must give their consent which means you can also withdraw that consent. Tell them to buzz off or better yet, get a comp attorney in your area!

  2. She has a right to be there.
    You have a right to speak with your doctor, privately.
    You NEED a WC attorney.

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  3. If your husband is a Federal Employee, the best way to handle this is to have your doctor tell the nurse, the doctor does not want the nurse in the examining room and that any information she wants from the doctor, she should ask for in writing and the doctor will answer. Your husband should consult with a uniion steward or a local attorney. There are proposed changes to the statute which if passed by Congress would change the role of the nurse case manager.