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What are options when on supervision already and then get a ticket for 86 in a 65??

Aurora, IL |
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was cited for 45 in a 35 work zone in '09 lots of issues with that case, no lawyer. got a year of supervision but not allowed to screw up at all not even a seatbelt violation or i would lose liscens. i need to be able to get to and from work and doctor appointments. i also sometimes have to help elderly parents. now have this 86 in 65 which is going to get driving taken away by courts. not sure for how long or what not. i dont know if i should try to make this go away or go back to 45 in 35 work zone case... 86/65 was in jeff county il suspension in dupage county il. i live closer to dupage county so thats easier on me if i have to do in person.

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You cannot go back to revisit what was done in 2009 by a DuPage County judge now in spring of 2010. Even attempting that is going to be costly and indeed, could cause you more trouble than just letting that 2009 year-long supervision order expire naturally.

You can challenge the Jefferson County, IL traffic matter but to do so you should hire an attorney in Mount Vernon that is familiar with the traffic judges, prosecutor and process there.

Without knowing all the details it remains unknown if you have any valid defenses to the 21 MPH over limit citation. Talk those over with the Mount Vernon lawyer and do it quickly so a strategy can be formulated. Perhaps some negotiated deal can be arranged in that matter, along with some stipulation by you that you will remain out of the county for a year etc...... Lots of creative things can be negotiated on your behalf if the prosecutor and defense attorney are willing.

Good luck.

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