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What are options that I can do to get my arrest o and my charge off of my record and get it off the court website?

Henrico, VA |

In 2009 I went through a situation in court with another person. I ended up being arrested and spent 1 night in jail. I was charged with a misdemeanor "Stalking" charge. My lawyer helped me to get my charge "A Noell." My charge and the stalking arrest still shows on the court website and I have no clue if it is a chance to be removed. My situation was different. I was in there on a charge with is a lie by my crazy ex girlfriend. She didn't want her partner to know that she was with me and she went to court and lied saying I've stalked her too make sure her partner didn't know that she was messing with me. I am 26 and never been in trouble before.

I haven't been able to find work because of the charge. Can someone give me pointers on how to get this thing off my record so I can find a job?

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If the charge was Nolle Prossed (i.e. dropped) and you were never convicted, then you can file with Henrico to have the charge expunged or hidden from public view. You can hire an attorney to assist you with this process or if you cannot afford an attorney the Court clerk's office can provide you with the necessary forms.

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