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What are my rights while on probation?

Grand Terrace, CA |

I live in the Inland Empire, Im on felony probation, and I need to find out MY rights. Any help is appreciated.

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I'm not sure what "rights" you want to know about. When you are on felony probation, many of the rights given to you by the U.S. and California Constitution are suspended. The law allows the suspension of those rights by your agreement to accept probation and not go to prison upon your conviction. If there is something specific you are wanting to know about, go to the local public defender's office. A deputy public defender can assist you.



can i refuse to answer probation officer questions


I am afraid you do not have any rights. They can certainly drug test you any time they want. They also can search your residence and person any time they want.

I would focus on doing well on probation and then file a motion for early termination based on good behavior.

Jacek W. Lentz, Esq.

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