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What are my rights in a divorce when alcoholic husband, moved out ,spent retirement ,cheated, possible mental abuse?

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He filed in March 2013.Constructive Abandonment. Does that carry any weight as a filing anymore? It's baloney though, really. He knows.He's mad because I wouldn't let him just move right in, even though I do need the income, and he wouldn't quit drinking and he couldn't possibly be in a condition to make any amends for all that he's done. Been married for 23 1/2 yrs.with a 17 year old ,homeschooled.I am not sure that the lawyer I have is going to be able to help me as much as is needed.I need answers as if you were my lawyer.Please! I can give more details...Our whole marriage has been extremely stressful due to the many problems from his addictions/relapses.I understand he is sick, but I/family have suffered so much! He is trying to act as if he has real reasons to file, he's in denial...

I cant afford another lawyer.(legal aid only does no fault).I had to respond to his filing. I hired my own lawyer. I just have a feeling I'm going to be victimized by my husband further in this, as I cant afford to switch lawyers. I have tried my heart out for this marriage. He claims arguing after work and he had to leave for his own mental health! He's referring to when he relapsed(Aug 2011) and would come home 'every'(literally) morning between 3-6 am.He gets off work at 12.I 'd asked him several days in a row what was going on and he'd get belligerent, yell, angry.So I'd walk away.Then after those few times.He decided to not talk till he moved out in Oct. Can anyone represent me/help me get what is needed and just see if he will be made to pay costs for this bogus divorce filing? I really need help. I have been so drained dealing w/his addiction.I am utterly exhausted and done and losing hope,if I cant get a proper representative, we'll go under..

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You need to consult with your attorney about your case. Only after a careful review of the specific facts and circumstances of your case would an attorney be able to offer you sound legal advice.

Responding to questions on AVVO does not establish an attorney-client relationship between the questioner and any attorney associated with Garrett Law Group, PLC. Responses should be considered and used for informational purposes only. Every case is unique in its facts, and all legal matters should be discussed with a licensed attorney prior to making any decisions or taking any actions.

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I'm concerned that my lawyer isn't assertive enough like my husbands.And it seems to me that's what I need.I don't know how to remedy the situation.Any suggestions?

Anneshia Miller Grant

Anneshia Miller Grant


Consult with another attorney. It is impossible to give you advice on your case without a thorough understanding of your facts.

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