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What are my rights as a tenant when my RSO apartment building has No Certificate of Occupancy but is registered w/LAHD?

Los Angeles, CA |

LAHD inspectors have been out numerous times to assess the illegal kitchenettes. After several Not in Compliance reports and several years later, the landlord is now forced to comply and take out our stoves, sinks & cabinets and replace them with a 2 top burner. After reviewing the "Habitability Plan" which states no relocation is offered and the construction to be done 8am-5pm, our belongings to be covered with tarps, loss of utilities for days at a time, we are offered "meal reimbursement & reimbursement for costs."
My issues:
(1) I work from home from 9am-6pm then go to my 2nd job from 8pm-2am
(2) I have a small dog who cannot be around all the construction
(3) The tarps cannot protect my belongings from being covered by lead based paint

Can you explain my rights as a tenant? Please

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    You have the right to contest the "Habitability Plan", though the time may have expired. You should contact the LAHD.

    If the LAHD has registered the apartment building and there is no certificate of occupancy, you should contact the LAHD and ask why. They may have accepted approved building permits for habitable housing units in lieu of the Certificate of Occupancy.

  2. If the building has no certificate of occupancy, you don't have to pay any rent and you can sue the landlord for disgorgement of previously paid rent as well.

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