What are my rights as a tenant to end my lease? My landlord verbally said a two month notice was acceptable.

then she sent an email that my Rental agreement/lease is for one yr, and that I would be breaking the lease early and am responsible for early termination fees. The actual lease reads "for a period of 3 months", then states the one year period (March 2013-March2014). Via phone she stated a two month notice was required. Because I only gave one month notice I expected to pay two months of rent. I paid June rent, and they are holding my last months rent (for the second month) as well as a security deposit. I only accepted the job across the country because I understood our verbal agreement of 2 months notice, and that my lease stated a 3 month term, not a full year. What are my rights as a tenant?

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Leo Michael Mulvihill Jr.

Leo Michael Mulvihill Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

What does the lease say? That will likely control this situation. You will probably need to hire a lawyer to negotiate terms with your landlord.

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