What are my rights as a mother? I'm 16 with a 3 week old son OHIO

I'm 16, the father is 19 and our son is 3 weeks old. He hasn't seen his son at all. Our son has his last name and he is on the birth certificate. He signed the acknowledgment of paternity in the hospital. We haven't been together since a few weeks before I was due. I went to file for child support today. I'm just wondering, what are my rights? Do we have 50/50 custody or who has sole custody? Can he take demand to have his son for a few days? I'm afraid if I give him our son, then he will take him and keep him. Please any info would be great!

Chagrin Falls, OH -

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Irina Alexander Vinogradsky

Irina Alexander Vinogradsky

Immigration Attorney - Cleveland, OH

I understand that you are not married. You have full custody. The father has to petition court for custody or visitations.

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