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What are my rights?

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I have been working for this company for well over 3 years now. I have never been late or called in. My district manager has an issue with me. He has always wrote me up for frivilous things that he claims, I should have taken care of when they clearly not in my job description, or in the company handbook for my position. The lastest thing was being demoted out of my manager position back all the way to the bottom of the company. I got a last minute notice on a saturday that as of monday I no longer held my position. I found out a week later they changed my pay with no notice at all. Do I have any rights? I am not the only who had issues, 3 former employees had filed suits against this manager racial issues. I am spanish and sadly I don't see him treating any other employees like this.

Also I have seen him move employees into top manager positions with only a 1/4 of the education and experience I have in this field. I have also seen employees agree to move to a new location only to show up for one day and not show up again for 3 days with no consequences. They get a slap on the wrist, no write up nothing. The company also at one point set bonus levels, but everytime I met my bonus level I never received my bonus in my paycheck. When I asked I was told the bonus level went up that week.

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It certainly sounds like you have a potential race/national origin discrimination claim. You'll want to contact an employment attorney to discuss your rights and options. Just as a heads up, you only have 300 days to file with EEOC, and filing with them is a prerequisite to filing suit for discrimination, so you'll want to contact an attorney ASAP.

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