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What are my other options to collect unemployment benefits

Jamaica, NY |

I been working with my company for the past 4 years. They are closing down in August. I feel like I am working in an unbearable and hostile environment. I asked my employer to lay me off so I can collect unemployment he refused and told me I can fire you with a cause (refused to perform my job).

What can I do in this situation to collect unemployment ? Right now I am suffering from emotional distressed. Please help.

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You should have started your job search already and hopefully you will get another job instead of unemployment so you can leave on your own terms without being fired. Good luck.


Dear Madam or Sir in Jamaica:

When your company closes down in August, you will be eligible for Unemployment payments.

If you simply quit now, they may oppose your U.I. claim. There would be a Hearing and you could present your evidence of why it was unbearable and hostile, although you haven't done so in what you have presented so far.

Why not wait?

Leonard Feld

The foregoing is based on the little information provided; additional facts may change the comments given.



Thank you for your kind answer. I am trying to hang on with my job however I could no longer bear or hang on to stay. I am being harassed by my co-worker who have a behavioral issues and it affects me mentally. I talked to my employer she said just ignore him and that he is harmless. However, he almost hit my boss in the past and they fired him and rehired him after few years.


If you are indeed suffering from emotional distress, as a result of your work, you would need to have medical documentation supporting that emotional distress was caused by your employment. There is a cause of action for stress under the Worker's Compensation law. As far as unemployment goes, if you are released from work, so long as it was not for cause, you would be entitled to unemployment. Good luck.

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