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What are my options when Child Support Enforcement enters a wrong Income Withholding Order/Notice?

Rantoul, IL |

I was checking my account on the website and there was a new income withholding served on my employer today, which states my employer should take addition money for "past due" support but doesn't state for how long or until a certain amount is reached. Also, my account says I'm only behind 6 cents in interest (which I was never 30 days or more late anyways). Can I only petition the Court to change the withholding? Or can I petition Child Support Enforcement to change the withholding also?

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    you should have received a copy of the notice to withhold. read it. it tells you that you have so many days, not a lot, to file a petition to challenge its accuracy. do so and send a copy to the employer.

  2. It seems that the only error is that there is no termination date in the amount withheld for arrears. That is actually fairly typical. You can seek a modification of the order so that your employer knows when to terminate the amount for the arrears but if the interest is only $.06, that part of the order is not worth pursuing. Please seek the services of a lawyer if you cannot handle this yourself. The modified withholding order must go through the court system before it is served on your employer.

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