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What are my options to have a more detailed custody / visitation agreement?

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In November 2012, I hired an attorney and went to court after being denied parenting time from my ex, after she found out about a domestic violence charge I received. My parenting time was initially suspended, but after a hearing it was restored. Recently my ex verbally indicated she was denying my parenting time, we had an argument in public and she called the police. Nothing happened and the children were released to my custody. I thought the matter was resolved. I am on probation for the domestic charge and my ex contacted my p.o. which she then proceeded to violate my probation. I need something done so I can utilize my parenting time with a schedule and not have constant conflict with my ex wife. I do not have family who can help, can't afford additional attorney fees, options?

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You may want to consider utilizing a supervised exchange program for your children. This would be a safe location that the parenting time exchanges can occur, where they will be overseen by a third party to lessen the contact and potential conflict between you and the custodial parent. You can contact your local court to ask which agencies provide this service. Here is a link to a possible listing of service providers: ; however, the court can hopefully provide a referral of which providers they regularly work with. Also, although these safe exchange programs do charge a fee, often the fee is on a sliding scale, and there are times the court has funds to assist with the payment of these fees.

Should you decide to use this route, you may need to file a motion with the court to order the supervised exchanges (and possibly payment of fees associated). This should be a fairly simple motion that possibly the local legal assistance center can assist you with.

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You can petition the court for a specific parenting time agreement, regarding the dates, times, meeting place, etc. If your ex then violates the agreement, you can petition the court for a show cause hearing. It is possible the Friend of the Court may be able to help you. Contact your caseworker and schedule an appointment.

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