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I am sole managing conservator of my 2 children. I allowed their mother to have visitation and she moved and disappeared. She was supposed to have them for one week, but she didn't come back and wouldn't tell me where she was. I finally found her and the police forced her to return the children. My court order says visitation as agreed by both parties. I have notified her that I don't trust her and will not agree to visitation unless it is supervised. Am I within my legal rights to do so or do I need to go back to court and have the order revised?

Fort Worth, TX -

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Christopher Jay Harding

Christopher Jay Harding

Child Custody Lawyer - Dallas, TX

You are within your rights to do that since the order says by agreement. Get ready for her to file a motion to modify. If she does, hire an attorney.

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Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown

Child Custody Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY

You need to go back to court for a revised order. You can find an attorney in your area to help you by searching the attorney profiles here on Avvo. Good luck!

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