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What are my legal rights?

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I have worked for the same employer for over 20 years. His verbal abuse is getting more and more violent as he get's older. He also speaks of his own sexual life about his wife, and tells crude jokes in the office. We have all at one time participated and laughed with him, BUT my main concern is the constant bagering and verbal abuse in front of clients and co- workers. He also grabs your arm to get your attention so he feels we are listening. I am no spring chicken or a young kid who does not respect my boss, but this is getting more than I can mentally handle at this point. We are all going home in tears because of this, and he is changing the rules every week regarding the way the office is run!! What can I do? I want out, but can't find another job. Help!

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You can possible file a charge of discrimination or harassment with the EEOC or your state Fair Employment Practices Agency which will legally protect y0u against retaliation. However, these types of workplace issues are very difficult to resolve and because of the many legal and factual considerations that need to be reviewed, your best bet is to meet with an employment lawyer in your area to discuss your options so that you can provide a full explanation of the problem and your concerns.

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Mr. Thomas is correct, these are very difficult cases to resolve, perhaps even more so because you are apparently dealing with a one person business owner who tends to think he can whatever he wants because it is his business. These people are very difficult to reason with.

To add to the level of difficulty is the fact that many of his actions may not be illegal. For example, we cannot regulate bad behavior. People who are rude and unreasonable, may not necessary be acting unlawfully, unless they cross the line where they create a hostile atmosphere based on sex or some other impermissible conduct.

These are very fact intensive cases and not easily addressed in this type of forum. If you are looking to learn more about you legal rights and options, you should consult with an experienced employment law attorney in your area.

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