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What are my legal options to stop harassment ?

San Antonio, TX |

I adopted a half siblings child through child protective services after my former stepparent was denied placement. Because they were denied placement, my half siblings & former step-parent began to harass me via text messages, phone calls and emails, for 6 months, ending when I cut off all contact, changed email addresses, phone numbers and moved because I don't want them to have my current address. I already lived several hours away from them.
The former CPS workers and i have documented proof of harassment and copies of threatening voicemails.
The daily harassment stopped a year ago due to the changes, however, when I visit the 'other side' of my family, who reside in their town, they call and show up at the house constantly. Do I have any options legally to stop the harassment.

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    If they are harassing you, call the police at the time. Harassment is a crime and punishable by a fine and / or jail time. (Be sure to keep all the evidence of the harassment and document everything.)

  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to make people behave as you would prefer. If they threaten you, report it to the police, and otherwise, simply avoid and ignore them,