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What are my chances of having my deferred felony probation revoked? If so , what type of punishment to expect in Orange coTexas

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I took a plea of a 2 yr. deferred adjudicated probation sent. My 1st x to face trouble. Im a 38 yr. old mother of 5. My fines were in excess of $2000 delinquint up until 1 mth prior to my case expiring. My P.O. set in motion the revocation process 2 wk.s prior to my paying fines in full. I now have an outstanding warrant for a Motion to Impose Guilt. The Major problem is that I have 139 hrs. of community service left to complete and I have 1 wk till my case is set to expire...Im at my witts end with worrying. !! F.Y.I. Im trapped in a physically abusive, controlling relationship with no freedom to go & do as I please.. like service. I need to mentally prepare for the possibilities.... as I have 5 children under 15 and no family support system or friends. ... ???

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    I can't tell you the range of possibilities (as far as possible maximum sentence), because I don't know what level of offense you are on probation for. I can tell you that many judges will agree to extend your probation to give you time to finish paying your fine and performing your community service. You really need to hire a defense attorney to negotiate this for you to get the best possible outcome. I would also suggest that you seek the assistance of a local battered women's shelter. You obviously need counseling and possibly a plan for safely exiting your abusive relationship. Have you let your PO know about this? She could give you referrals if you don't know where to go. Best of luck.

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  2. There is a chance of avoiding the revocation, but it is an uphill battle. We often see people failing to complete public service and pay fines and being revoked as a result of the failures. What I try to do is get a continuance for a hearing, then have my client complete the requirements. Although the abusive relationship may help some, it is really up to you to get you and your kids out of it. I know it is easier said than done, but there should be agencies that can assist you. I would suggest getting an attorney, either public defender or private attorney to assist you.

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  3. You don't state what you are on deferred for. Most judges will extend probation for CSR and monies if other requirements are met. You need an attorney and to get out of your relationship.
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