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What are my chances of getting primary placement of my son?

Galesville, WI |

I would like primary placement of my only child and his father wants to fight me for 50% placement. He has two other kids with two other women. The one child he gave up all his rights to and the other one he still sees. I don't want to miss out on my only child growing up. I'm fine with joint custody and I still want the father to see his son. I hear from my friends how hard it is for their kids to constantly have to go back and forth between homes and I don't want to do that to my child. I'm the one who is always with him since I'm a stay at home mother. He says because I don't have a job that the court will just give him our son. I was also trying to go to school but didn't have money to pay for it.

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Sounds like you are very troubled by all this. Let's see if we can help that.
1) Having gone to school most of my life, I can tell you that the federal government will help you by making student loans available to you as long as you meet some criterial. If you contact the financial aid department of a school you are considering, they will gladly help you. That is what they are there for.
2) If the child in question is school age, and the father lives out of the school district then it is less likely he would prevail at 50/50 placement.
3) In Wisconsin they do try to reasonably equalize the placement with both parents, but if he has not been seeing the child at 50/50 that would be an abrupt change and not likely in the best interest of the child.
There is a lot you can do, but it depends on what the other facts are. You will likely need to consult with an attorney before deciding how to proceed. Might I suggest you contact the clerk of family court in the county you live in to see if they have family self help services available. Start there.
Good Luck, and don't worry.

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