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What are my chances getting emancipated in north carolina at age 16 (almost 17)? i have a job and i can live with family friend.

Clayton, NC |

i need to get emancipated because me and my moms relationship is toxic and my dad is not allowed to se me because of a court order. but my mom keeeps bringing up that she is going to get him involved in my life when he is not allowed and it makes me feel very unsafe when she says those thins. i have a job and im about to be 17 and il be able to live with a family friend until i save up enough money to move out.

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If you can, contact a family member to go with you to a local family law attorney for a consultation and explain your situation in detail; the attorney can give you a better idea as to your emancipation chances based on obtaining more information than you have provided in your post.

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