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What are group homes for juveniles like?

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What are group homes for juveniles like? Is it like a jail? Maximum security? IF a 14 year old were to go in there.. CAn they choose theyre own school or school in there? Are they aloud to leave to go hang out with friends?

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There are different structured environments for juveniles in Colorado. The answer is based on the child's placement and which direction the court and the treatment team are going. It is best for you to get the specific placement information so you can do research and ask specific questions of the child's attorney.

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In addition to the previous answer, to which I agree, you need to find out where the court or juvenile probation is considering to place your son. His liberty or freedom to move around will definitely be limited and restricted. In all likelihood he would not be able to "hang out" with his friends. More restricted than if you "grounded" him at home. He'll be "under a micro-scope to a degree". Group homes are not summer camp!

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They are definitely not as pleasant as home. HIGHLY doubtful that anyone placed in such a facility would be "aloud (allowed) to leave to go hang out with friends."

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