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What are details of writ of execution and levy

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ex has judgements against him for alimony. his name is on deed with his mom for a house. mom's name only is on loan. I'm told that a writ of execution and levy can be done.- that relationship of mom/son can be severed and his share of house auctioned to pay for judgements. Does name of person who wins bid get put on deed. Is equity only auctioned. I would appreciate any details I can get.

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A writ of execution authorizes the sheriff to enter onto a person's place of business or home and tag items to be seized and sold at a later date. That tag cannot be removed off or else the judgment debtor would be in contempt of court. the tagging is considered on levy and creates a lien in all of those assets.

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Ronald Jay Drescher

Ronald Jay Drescher


I just published two video guides that are directly about this issue. You can check them out in my contributions. They are "The Sheriff has Levied on my Property. Now What?" and "What is a Levy and Why is the Sheriff Knocking on my Door?"


A writ of execution allows the sheriff to tag any item that may be sold to pay off a lien. There are specific rules about how the auction of any item must be conducted. I would urge you or your friend to secure competent counsel immediately.

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