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What are corporate advances?

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I am in a foreclosure/ remodifing loan situation. The mortgage company has recently told me I owe 1500.00 I have just received a detailed list of fees to pay in order to bring myself out of foreclosure. This list included past due $ 1742.40; Attorneys fees $2674.00; late charges $158.42; other $20.00; and corporate advances $2747.79? Is this legal? My loan balance is less than $59,000.00. Chase Home Finance is the mortgage company.

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Two things stand out: 1) you did not get an itemization of the $2,747.79 and 2) you did not disclose whether the $1,500.00 you were quoted as being owed was in writing. I suspect that it was not, as that is just too "round" a number.

The attorney's fees seem high, as in Palm Beach County the firms are charging--and getting awarded by the Court" about $1,200.00-$1,500.00, but that might also include the filing fee, which until 7/1/09 was about $395.00 and since then ranging from $395.00 to $1,906.00, and fees for service of process, so I suspect that the $2,674.00 combines all those costs, in which event the amount may be a bit high but not extraordinarily so. It might be that the lender was charged $50 to serve each Defendant at a time that the sheriff was charging $20 each, or that the process server was charging $25-$30 per Defendant.

What are the corporate advances for? Have you been paying property tax, or has Chase? Have ou been paying for property insurance, or has Chase? It may well be that the $2,747.79 they are seeking is perfectly legitimate under the terms of the mortgage and note, in which event, the other charges while high may not be so far out of whack as to be unreasonable.

Only you know whether you are willing to jeapardize the remodification by contesting what you consider to be excessive charges.

Getting precise itemizations as to each element would be important for you have so that you will know if you are being gouged, and if so by how much.

Good luck

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