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What all do i need to get guardianship of my 2 younger siblings?

Houston, TX |

they are 13 and 14...i am mother has become severely alcohol dependent and is unable to care for them. Both parents have agreed to sign them over. 14 year old recieves SSI and their father pays child support how do go about obtaining everything.

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Your best move is to go to court and become a managing conservator with the right to designate their primary residence. You can find the petition and the order in Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship at a law library. After you file the petition, you will need to serve your mother and the father/s of your siblings. You should include a request that the child support be redirected to you 9this may be the thing that causes your mother to fight it).

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Thank you so much. My mother has agreed to redirect both the child support and SSI to me I just wanted to know how do we do this

Maria Sara Lowry

Maria Sara Lowry


Get orders from the court. The initial response directed you to the things to file. You would be better off hiring an attorney.


While I agree with Ms. Lowry, it could get messy real quick because of the child support and SSI. I suggest that you consult with an attorney with experience in guardianships. Even if successful in getting appointed their guardian results in annual reporting issues on how you spent the SSI to the Court. See a lawyer.

Good luck!

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You don't want guardianship, you want custody which is handled in the family court system. Guardianship is a probate matter handled in a different group of courts in Harris County.

I recommend that you hire an experienced family law attorney to help you. As you can see from the other 2 attorneys that have answered, it is a complex matter. If both parents don't sign the paperwork approving the change, then they need to be served with legal paperwork. It's not that easy for you to get them served properly.

Look on this website and find an attorney. I office with attorney Patricia Bushman and she accepts payment plans - 713-807-9405.

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