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What age can a teenager legally leave home in Michigan?

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I have a 16 year old niece who wants to leave home due to problems with her mother. The teenage has the responsibility of babysitting her mother two children while the mother works midnights and some afternonn shifts. The teen misses school due to babysitting and she's tired and ready to leave. The family is residing in home a home without proper heat, the door are not secure and the teen is tired of the living conditions. The teen is also tired of her mother's boyfriend who is a sex offender. Please help!!!

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  1. At 16, she is old enough to file for emancipation. She should consult with an attorney who is skilled in that area.

    John Keenan

    This response applies to Michigan law only. This initial response to your question(s) is for general purposes, only, and is based upon the limited information you have provided. Therefore, this general answer should not be relied upon as a reason for your action or inaction. This response does not establish an attorney-client relationship; such a relationship may only be established by the signing of a written retainer agreement, and the payment of the agreed upon retainer. Please call me, or another attorney of your choice, with more details, and for an appointment to discuss same. Thank you for this opportunity to address your question(s).

  2. Your niece can file a petition for emancipation if she has the demonstrated ability to make her own financial and social decisions and an affidavit from any of the following individuals declaring that the individual has personal knowledge of the her circumstances and believes that under those circumstances emancipation is in the best interests of your niece:
    (a) Physician. (b) Nurse.(c) Member of the clergy.(d) Psychologist. (e) Family therapist. (f) Certified social worker.(g) Social worker. (h) Social work technician.(i) School administrator. (j) School counselor. (k) Teacher. (l) Law enforcement officer.(m) Duly regulated child care provider.

    Brenda Richard
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  3. Absent being emancipated, the answer is 18.

    Daniel Findling
    toll free: 877-968-7347