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What actual legal agreements are made by signing a marriage certificate?

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My girlfriend and I are in the process of getting married later this year. We're both in our early 30s and and have a way of showing our independent streaks from time to time. To avoid financial arguments, we have already verbally agreed to run a "three account" system in marriage. That is, keeping separate asset and liability accounts for "him", "her", and "ours". This is probably not standard by law, so we're OK with documenting that with, ideally, some simple language written out on paper. But, it got us thinking of what else comes "standard" with a signing of a marriage certificate that we may want to adapt in writing to better suit us? Does any "list" of agreements being made exist, state by state perhaps?

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  1. Do you mean a prenuptial agreement? A marriage certificate is what you get from the county that you get married in to show that the two of you are able to be married, etc. A prenuptial agreement would outline the intent you have going into marriage. Usually, prenups include provisions for what happens to assets and debts acquired during marriage. It can also waive or limit spousal support, or include special circumstances that the parties agree on. There aren't other "standard" provisions, aside from boilerplate paragraphs regarding certain parts of the law. Probably would be best to consult with an attorney for a prenup agreement as it an have major ramifications at divorce.

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