What to do if I can not longer pay my child's Gal?

Hi, my divorce will soon have two years thanks to my wife's attorney who on purpose delays everything because she is being paid by the hour, and she is famous for that in this county. My wife does not believes me. I hired another attorney after six months acting pro se. My credit is ruined, and does not have credit anymore thanks to my lovely wife. My child's gal sent me a bill which I cannot pay. what should I say to her? I really want to pay her, but I do not longer have a credit card. Please help.

Miami, FL -

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Carin Manders Constantine

Carin Manders Constantine

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Palm Harbor, FL

If the GAL was appointed by the Court, you must bring this situation to the attention of the GAL, and the Judge. By telling them up-front that you are tapped out, and you have no more money, you will avoid future trouble with the Court.

If you a Pro Se, simply file a Motion to Reduce your portion of the GAL fees or ask the Court to discharge the GAL if he/she is no longer needed.

Good luck.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft

Family Law Attorney - Winter Park, FL

The court will order you to pay her, and if you haven't by the time of final judgment, it will be made part of the final judgment. I suggest that you call her and try to work out an installment plan with her.

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