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What the colorado law say if someone has been slandering me with nothing information or by fabricated story? can I suing or no

Denver, CO |

back 2011 I was working we b I work we ar company I have no idea what make himoth work for the same company. but he slandering my name by gossip that I am a gay. as a matter of fact I am not such person or I did not come from that type of world. however this guy and including some other 3 people they are envading my name every where so people look at me as disrespect like hate and laugh at me. I really disappointed and fells me revange but I don't want screwed up my life. I am on these situation. until now same people are gossiping about me that I am not. I have no clue why they fabricated wrong information they thought that I have no evidence. so what I am going to do now. is that ok to slander someone name just so ? what the law says? how much do I pay. plse help me.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Saying someone is "gay" is likely no longer defamatory. A recent case in New York held such. Colorado has no decision directly on point, but I would not imagine that your situation calls for a defamation claim.

    It sounds like you would be better off spending your money on "hooked on phonics" or a literacy tutor.

  2. I'm not sure what your compensation would be of you won the lawsuit. Seeing that there are no damages, your claim may not result in any compensation. I would recommend that you consult with an experienced Colorado attorney to review the details of your case and protect your rights. I hope you found my response helpful.