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Went today to my biometrics appointment (December 24th at 11am) and it was closed.

Astoria, NY |

I received my biometrics appointment letter a few weeks ago and the appointment was scheduled today Dec 24th, but when I got to my application support center it was closed for Christmas observation. My letter says "If you fail to appear as scheduled, your application will be considered abandoned." I have my i-751 pending and I'm worried that they might just deny it for this reason. How can they give me an appointment when they're closed? What should I do now?

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  1. They will send you a new notice. If you do not get it, call customer service.

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  2. Try again on December 26. Sometimes, the ASC still goes ahead to capture the biometrics of applicants who walk in even before the appointment date.

  3. I agree with Mr. Iziokhai. Return on the morning of 12/26 and explain what happened. You should be okay and it is likely that the Biometrics Center will take your fingerprints. However, make sure that you bring unexpired identification cards along with your expired conditional card. Good luck.

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  4. December 24 and 25 are Federal Holidays, you may attempt on December 26. However, it is likely that you will have a new date set by USCIS.

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  5. Did you take a photo of the sign showing that the USCIS was closed?

    Sometimes the government inadvertently schedules appointments on days when government offices will be closed.

    We recently had a situation where our client couldn’t make her biometrics appointment due to Hurricane Sandy. She went as soon as the transportation in NYC was working again, and completed her biometrics without a problem.

    As long as you take steps to go back to the USCIS office right away, your application should not be considered abandoned.

    -Denise K. Bonnaig, Esq.