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Went to payoff loan found some problems

Olympia, WA |

We want to pay off our mortgage lender so I called to get a payoff.Well I know we are behind 24 months .We tried to work with the lender but were told unless we could pay all back amounts not to send any money.The lender called me at work and asked not to be contacted at work.Never heard another word.We kept getting the bills with no notice or calls from the lender.Today I was told they are starting foreclosure presiding against us.I was told it started in May this year,I told the lender we never heard a word from them and would like a payoff.I was told the payoff + 17000 for for lawyers fees.Is there any way around this other than giving the house up or a short sale.This would bring our payoff to 200,000 for a house that's worth 210000

We have never been contacted by our lender regarding forclosure

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As part of the foreclosure process, you can probably participate in the Forclosure Fairness Mediation program- you should talk to an attorney or housing counselor about this. In addition, the initial foreclosure letter you received probably gave you the option to request a meeting with the lender. You might not have time left to respond to this initial letter, but if you can you should respond.

And it would probably be worthwhile to see an attorney and go over your financial situation in detail. You may have options that aren't obvious from your summary.

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I wanted to point out we never received any foreclosure notices I only found out when I called to get a payoff

David John Hastings

David John Hastings


That doesn't sound good. It's possible that the lender just hasn't sent the first notice out yet, so it might be worth checking with them on that. Otherwise I'd encourage you to check with a local attorney. You don't want to let this sit.


What most homeowners don't realize is that they have many options that are financially better for them than the options the bank gives them. You need to be very careful with deadlines for your responses, or you may be cut off from those rights.

I hope this helps get you started. A good foreclosure defense attorney can help you figure out what your options are in a short time frame.

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