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Went to court due to speeding in Illinois - four month court supervision is over - is there anything to expunge?

Chicago, IL |

Over a year ago I got a speeding ticket ( 51mph in 35 mph zone ) in Harwood Heights , IL . I also did not happen to have my insurance card on me so I was given a court date . I was not arrested . The judge dismissed the " no proof of insurance " immediately when I showed him my policy , and gave me a four month court supervision . I paid the fees . I had no other incidents during the next four months . So at this point , my court supervision is long done . I was not asked to come back to court again after supervision . I'd like to : 1 . Check to see what's in my record , to verify that the insurance charge is dismissed , and 2 . I would like to know if the supervision is still in my record . If it is , I'd like to get expunged . Living in the City of Chicago , what's my next step to resolve these issues ?

Thank you for your quick response. I will get the driving record as you suggested. But in this case, would this show up on my criminal record that I received a supervision for this? I am worried about this being in my permanent record and police/future employers seeing a court supervision. Am I mixing the two different records?

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  1. You can obtain a court purposes driving record from any DMV for $12. It will show you everything on your driving record.
    You cannot expunge findings of supervision.

  2. Driving records cannot be expunged.

  3. There are 2 driving records, the public record, where the supervision will not show up, and the court purposes record, where it will show up for a few years and then be purged automatically unless you get a lot more tickets. your employer or insurance company is only going to see the public record because supervision does not count as a conviction.

  4. Illiinois expungement procedure does not apply to traffic offenses.

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