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Website has no terms of service. What does this mean legally and what are they allowed to do?

San Jose, CA |
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Can they modify, screen, or delete my content? Can they boot me from the forums section? There are NO terms of service for the website and users.

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It means Wild West type Internet rule probably apply---where "anything goes". They likely are in the Internet "frontier" and likely will do what they want and don't care about rules. Perhaps it is run by an eight year old that is judgment proof or a starving college student hoping to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Sure they can boot you from the forums if they control the code or the WordPress or whatever they use. You should assume they can and will modify, screen, delete or even steal your content. No TOS is a red flag that you are in a WebOfTrust danger zone. Act accordingly.

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how does the law apply?


The basic rules of property law apply -- it's their website, and they can do with it pretty much as they like. They can certainly refuse to publish your content, and delete if if they want. They can certainly screen what you want to post, and they can boot you from the forums. Modifying what you wrote might be tricky, if they change the substance of the message and the changed message is attributed to you. That will depend on the modification, and whether anyone is injured as a result.


i agree with my colleagues. You have no rights on such a site (unless you are a minor and they know their site is directed to minors or likely to attract minors, where COPPA would apply.)

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Stay away. Or ask them to see their "terms of service," you were unable to find them on the site. That will flush them out. I would not feel comfortable spending time on a website that didn't even pay lip service to the terms and conditions of use.

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