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WE received a letter from an IRS Revenue Officer asking our President to meet with him to tell him why our back taxes owed for

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$10,0000 from over 10 years ago.We are a 50lc3. He wants our President meet in another State 900 miles from us in 2weeks! He wants an explanation as to why we have not paid the $10k owed with penalties and interest and wants him to file and sign yearsof 2008-2110 tax returns which we have not yet.We have not filed since 2002. We have not had any employees since 2002 and our annual gross income has dropped dramatically to under $19,000 for a few years now...What do I do? Should we respond to the letter & travel 900 miles to meet Revenue Officer or should contact him even though he did not send the letter certified. It was hand addressed regular mail. We have had no personal contact for several years. Our corporate status was administratively disolved 5 years ago but we will reincorporate.

The corporation We refer to is our State corporation..We are a small non profit,non denominational religious organization that has worked with at risk youth and more outreaches,and counseling and more to young college age,young married,and young carreer adults for over 32 years..They have done this work at no charge.We had a perfect filing record with paying taxes to IRS for 22 years straight until our founders wife became chronically ill and he had to begin to personally care for her. They have also been in danger of losing their very modest home of 32 years due to foreclosure Please help us if you can. Thank You Very Much..GOD BLESS YOU..........

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  1. I would seek a tax attorney to assist you. They may be able to go on your presidents behalf and also should be consulted before signing any unfiled taxed returns.

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  2. I agree that you need to speak to an attorney immediately to get this resolved. Your CORPORATE status was probably not dissolved; your NON-PROFIT status was dissolved. This means that you are being taxed as a for-profit entity. Do not ignore this notice.

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  3. I am confused by your question. If you are administratively dissolved you no longer enjoy 501(c)(3) status, which has stringent annual reporting requirements. It also is strange for a Revenue Officer to require an in-person meeting 900 miles away. If you have not been filing you have a serious problem and need to see local Florida tax counsel right away.