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We need to obtain a copy of a federal criminal trial transcript.

Las Vegas, NV |

When we asked our attorney he said to contact the court reporter for it. He is not handling our appeal. How do we find that person?

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    He is correct. Call Judge's chambers of the Judge that presided over your trial and ask for the contact information of the court reporter that took the transcript. Be very very mindful of the timeline here. You can easily lose your right to appeal if you do not file the proper notices in time. Court reporters are notorious for being late on transcripts. You may need to ask for an extension if the court reporter takes a long time to publish the transcript. Also, make sure you are applying Federal rules and not State of Nevada rules. There are so many pitfalls here that you should probably hire counsel to help you with the appeal.

  2. The attorney who is handling your appeal should be taking care of this.