We need to hire a different attorney, how should we proceed?

Asked about 4 years ago - Douglasville, GA

Our son is in jail for drug related charges and the attorney that we have retained we feel is not the most effective for our situation. Can we interview others and share details of the case to select a different attorney? Are attorneys allowed to discuss details of the case or will we need to discontinue our relationship with our current attorney before we proceed?

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  1. William James Atkins

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    Answered . Douglas County is a unique jurisdiction. The superior court judges, McClain, Emerson and James, are all fair, but very tough on drug cases, especially sale/poss. with intent/trafficking cases. The District Attorney's office is very good and very tough on drug cases. If I were hiring an attorney for my son in Douglas County, I would want to be sure the attorney had experience handling criminal matters there.

    As to your current lawyer, you need to specify what you are dissatisfied with. In other words, be sure that a new lawyer is actually going to be able to satisify your concerns. You have likely already paid a non-refundable flat fee to one lawyer. The new lawyer will want a new fee (and the old lawyer is likely not obligated to refund any of the original fee). You should not change horses mid-stream unless you (and your son) are certain that your lawyer is not meeting his professional obligations to your son or, just as importantly, you or your son have reason to no longer trust/have confidence in your lawyer.

    I hope you find this information helpful. If you want to discuss this matter further, I served as a prosecutor in Douglas County for 3.5 years and have tried many jury trials in Douglas County. I would be happy to see if this is a case I can help you with.

  2. Phillip Darrell Kimbrell

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    Answered . You should interview other attorneys if you are not happy with the attorney currently representing your son provided your son is equally dissatisfied with his current attorney. And you should share details of the case with the prospective attorney so that this attorney pay properly evaluate his interest in taking the case. Sometimes, attorneys do not want to follow another attorney for a variety of reasons so be forthcoming in providing information to the attorneys you interview. Most attorneys will not agree to work together unless they agreed to do so in the beginning....in other words it would be unusual for the second lawyer to agree to work with the first especially since you have indicated your displeasure with the first attorney. Should you need more information, feel free to contact me. With regards,

    P. Darrell Kimbrell

  3. Jessica Ruth Towne


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    Answered . If you are unhappy with your present lawyer, please make sure your lawyer knows this! He or she may be unaware that there is trouble and will most likely be happy for the chance to regain your trust. If you do decide to change attorneys, make sure you interview several and choose the person you think will best be able to answer all your questions and give you the service you deserve.

  4. Kevin Francis Guyette

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    Answered . You may interview other atorneys.

    How does your son feel about the situation ?

    You present attorney may not discuss details of the case without his client, your son's permission.

    You may discuss what you know in confidence with attorneys until you feel yu have found one who will be "effective".

    Keep in mind that there are no guarantees for success. Sometimes the best strategy is to sitand wait, for a variety of reasons which your son's attorney can discuss with your son.

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