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We inherited an old deed to a property in OK. The deed says 1931 & has papers back to 1866. How do we know if its still good?

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We don't have any other documents pertaining to it after 1931. How do we find out if it was sold or if we own it still? On google maps it seems there is a house and it looks occupied.

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  1. Contact a title company in OK and request a complimentary "property profile". This report, although informal, will tell you whether the property was conveyed after the 1931 deed was executed. I would also repost this in the OK forum. Each state has different laws about title superiority. In this case, I presume your deed was not recorded. That may or may not affect your title claim. You should also look into conferring with a real estate attorney in OK. Good luck!

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  2. I agree with Mr. Lowenthal - you will need to obtain a title search to see if the 1931 deed accurately reflects the current state of ownership.

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