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We have submitted papers for a divorce and my husband, refuses to contribute to the household finances, but won't leave either.

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what are my rights, to have him removed?

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It's not clear from your question which resolution you're seeking or prefer- receiving a contribution to the bills or having him physically out of the house. You could try filing for spousal support or alimony pendente lite, although it may not be awarded as long as you're living in the same house. You could file a petition for special relief, asking that he be required to assist with the household bills. You could file for exclusive possession of the marital home. The bottom line is that you really need to discuss this with an experienced family law attorney in your area. A local practitioner will have much better information as to what approach is most likely to be successful in your jurisdiction. The rest of us can only offer general guesses and quote you the law. Good luck. Yours is a typical problem and it's always difficult to resolve.

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Attorney Hilbush gave you good advice. Follow it and contact a local attorney at your earliest convenience.

The answer provided is for general information only. No attorney-client relationship has been formed. Please contact an attorney in your area for case-specific advice.


From your statement, i would advise you to consult an attorney in your area right away. With some additional facts and financial information, they should be able to tell you if you are in a position to have your husband excluded from the residence or compelled to contribute to expenses.


You can certainly file a Petition for Exclusive Possession of the Marital Residence. You should consult a licensed family law attorney and discuss your options regarding spousal support/APL as well as the petition.

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