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We have lived in an apt complex for 4 years. Now the complex wants us to move to another apt. in the same complex.

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The complex is unwilling to pay for this move. My husband is disabled, we have no family in the state to help us, and I can't either afford to move, or move myself. This is going to be a great hardship on us. Can they make us move, and should they pay for that move?

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    The Lease will govern the relationship between the landlord and tenant. Most lease agreements will outline what happens when the landlord needs the tenant to relocate. Generally, landlords are not allowed to require tenants to move to another location, but it may be that the landlord would be willing to work out a deal to cover the cost of movers. I recommend you talk with an attorney about your situation.

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  2. Why do they want you to move?

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  3. The lease may provide that right to the landlord but even if it does not, if you choose to remain in your unit, the landlord may choose not to renew your lease and you will still have to move.

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