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We have a separation agreement. it states that i shall receive an aggregate amount of $1200 twice per month.

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Does this mean I get 1200 per month or 2400 per month

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Talk about poorly drafted language. Chances are, it means $2400 per month (1200 x 2) as you would like it to be, but I can certainly see your ex's argument for the other option. Speak to the attorney that drafted it.

I may be guessing or not licensed in your state. No atty/client relationship exists.


Without seeing the agreement itself, it is hard to say. Given that it says an aggregate amount twice a month, I would assume that this means 2400. This appears to be a poorly drafted clause. Speak with the attorney that drafted it for clarification. Without clarification this could lead to problems in the future as you might not receive the amounts you are entitled to, as your ex will likely argue that it means 1200 a month. Alternatively, speak with another attorney.

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I agree with my colleagues that the clause is poorly drafted and could be interpreted either way. Assuming you had an attorney assist you in your initial divorce or dissolution, you should speak with him or her about your concerns immediately. It is possible that this issue was addressed on the record at your final hearing; if not, you may need to clarify by separate Order of the Court. Best wishes.


I answered this on the one you posted and maybe I was wrong. I still believe it to be poorly worded and it's going to create litigation. I read it before as 1200 per month in two payments but I guess I could read the other way. Get ready to go back to court. It's enough money over time for either side to argue about.

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