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We filed Rule to show cause. They filed a motion to modify support. Should I file a motion to modify support?

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My attorney filed a rule to show cause. Ex's attorney then filed a motion to modify support. My attorney answered the motion to modify asking for no change in support amount due to the amount of time I have my daughter. She also said that I could possibly file a motion to modify asking for a decrease in support since I have my daughter a fair amount of time. Do you think I should have my attorney file a motion to modify and ask for a decrease or even no support at all? The current custody order has been in place for 20 months. 11 of those months, I had my daughter an equal number of overnights, sometimes a couple more overnights than my ex. The other 9 months, just under equal overnights. Thank you for you input.

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  1. Follow the advice of your lawyer who has all the facts. We cannot undermine your attorney when we do not even have all the information. If you want a second opinion you will have to seek a consultation in person for that purpose.

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  2. I agree with counsel. If you've hired a lawyer already, these are all reasonable questions to her. She will be in a much better position to answer them.

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  3. You have a lawyer. Your lawyer has all the facts of your case. We cannot possibly answer here without more details. If you are unsure, get a second opinion in person with another attorney in your area. Bring all of your paperwork to the appointment.

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