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We are having property dispute over the business and now he is making false accusations.

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Someone told my husband he could get 100% ownership of business if he told an attorney I had mental issues. Now he has been making all kinds of threats which I secretly tape and take to a marrage counseler to make sure I'm ok. She has given me a letter stating I have NOT been diagnosted me with any mental health issues. I have 3 other NO CASE RECORDS LETTERS adjacent counties. He has gotten a girl pregnant!

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You want to hire an experienced divorce lawyer. If he wants to fight over the business you can threaten a receivership.

Eric Dick

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You absolutely, positively need to seek in-person advice from a competent lawyer. You are already putting personal details on the internet that you ought not be; you think you're doing so anonymously, but that's an assumption that overrates your actual internet privacy and underrates the capabilities of your potential litigation opponents. You should ONLY be discussing this with a licensed and qualified lawyer: Attorney-client privilege cloaks those communications even when you're in the process of hiring your lawyer.

Moreover, you need a better-than-average family-law lawyer who is competent to advise and represent you not only on issues relating to your marriage and community-property estate, but on the structuring and control of your business. is a good resource for finding and evaluating lawyers. Alternatively, you might look for someone who's board certified in family law -- one whose own practice, or whose firm, has also frequently dealt with business control litigation -- using the database of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which I've linked below.

There is absolutely no upside to waiting. If your and your husband have enough property -- including but not limited to the business you're referencing -- to be worth hanging onto, then you can't afford NOT to have competent legal advice and representation, because without them, you're at serious risk of losing them through ignorance of your actual rights and remedies.

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