Water main broke, thousands of dollars in damages, city refusing to pay

Hello everybody. My life has been turned upside down. My house is slopped downwards so when a water main broke near my home (it is owned by the city), all the water collected at my house and flooded my home and damaged carpets, living room, walls, etc. I tried asking the city for the money for all the repairs but they only offered me very little. no where near the costs of reapir. Are they liable and can a lawyer sue them for me?

Chicago, IL -

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Vincent R. Vidmer

Vincent R. Vidmer

Real Estate Attorney - Chicago, IL

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. Depending on the amount of damages you have incurred, I would consider hiring an attorney. The limited facts you have presented make it difficult to understand what, if any duty the City has in preventing your home from flooding. You state that the City owns the house, but I am unclear on this relationship. Do you have homeowner's insurance that covers flooding? If so, contact your insurance company.

As stated, depending on the amount of damage incurred, you may consider hiring an attorney to assist in your recovery.

Good luck.

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John Edward Brennock

John Edward Brennock

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Chicago, IL

More information is needed. Did the city give you a reason they would not cover all of our damage? Were you seeking damages beyond repair? I do not understand how a broken water main damaged your walls. Is you home at the bottom of a slope and the water main at the top of the slope? You should seek a attorney's assistance to determine if they are liable and, if so, for how much of the damage.

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