Water heater drain pipe leaking to downstairs residence $100,000 damage . Their furnace was out water pipes burst. Fraud?

I believe insurance fraud has been committed by the downstairs condo owners. Their furnace has been out during the majority of the our freezing winter in this seasonal complex and it is their broken water pipes that were the cause. The association negligent maintenance, the downstairs condo owners and my landlord are perhaps guilty forming a fraud . It is interesting they were removing and gutting the downstairs before the insurance adjuster could inspect both premises .

Lake Geneva, WI -

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Timothy E. Angley

Timothy E. Angley

Residential Real Estate Lawyer - Plymouth, MA

Has this damage effected you in anyway? If not then your problem would be standing to make any sort of claim against any of the parties involved. The best you might be able to do is talk to the insurance adjusters and tell them about your suspicions. If there is some fraud being committed the insurance company is going to have to initiate a claim / criminal proceeding unless you think that the insurance company is involved as well. If that were the case then you would have to approach the appropriate regulatory agencies that oversee insurance companies in Wisconsin.

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