Was this person's decision to follow and chase me resonable or inappropriate and should be reported to police?

I often like to take walks after dinner and sometimes will walk in and out of cul de sacs. I’ve had three incidents in the past with a guy in his twenties with tattoos on both arms and black plug earrings. First time it happened I was just about to walk out of a cul de sac I had walked into. All of a sudden a car was speeding towards my way and slowed down. The windows rolled down and the tattoo guy stuck out his head. He stared at me and flared his nostrils at me as if he was really pissed off. As I walked away and he drove away. However I noticed he turned into one of the cul de sac houses. I decided to walk over to that house hoping to have a talk with him. When I got there he was waiting for me. He said to me “Hi I see you” in a baby mock voice and flashed a laser pointer into my eyes. He wasn’t going to talk to me, so I turned and walked away. Second time I walked elsewhere. Everything seemed fine until 7 p.m. I noticed him following me on his bike. I began walking at a faster pace to lose him. I eventually jogged to a local elementary school and hid in the bushes. He rode his bike to a hill on the playground and spotted me. I moved to the left and right behind the bushes and he mimicked my movement on his bike. There was a fence behind me and I jumped over it and ran to a dry creek bed. He got off his bike and ran after me. I turned around and in an indignant voice I yelled at him “What do you want from me?” The guy said “Come here” I told him “No!” He then said “I know where you live little boy” “Hahaha”. And then he turned around and walked away. A month later I walked past the entry of the cul de sac but not into it. All of a sudden I hear loud footsteps behind me. “Hey”. I turned around and it was the guy again. He said to me “Why are you always walking around my f#$%ing place?” I told him I like to talk walks. He then said to me “I don’t know I don’t believe you, Your always walking around my place and it seems I don’t know just peculiar”. I told him “I’m just walking, I swear.” He then said “Alright walk” in a reluctant tone and let me go. Please answer this for me: Was his actions reasonable? In my three years of walking I have never trespassed, stolen personal property, or caused damage anyone’s home. In a three incidents I am wearing red shorts and a t shirt. I walk on public sidewalks and streets only.

Fairfax, VA -

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Litigation Lawyer - Fairfax, VA

I recall you posting a similar post a few weeks ago--except in that post I recall you were the individual watching the person in red shorts and a T-shirt.

None of the guidance you get here will be any different than with your first narrative.

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Malosack Berjis

Malosack Berjis

Civil Rights Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Reasonable or not, you should stay away from this person (i.e., stop taking walks in their neighborhood, at least by yourself). If you have reason to believe that you might be in danger, then, yes, report it to the police (although I'm not sure what they would do, really).

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