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Was my right to freedom of speech infringed upon?

Huntington, WV |

I go to a public high school at Man, WV. The school had a competition between classes during homecoming week. My class won. The principal said that we could not a have a trophy ceremony on the field during the football game. I went to the game planning on having a trophy presentation of my own accord in the bleachers of a public high school football stadium. I was told that if I did, then I would be suspended. Since the public school is owned by the government and seeing as I was doing something not illegal in anyway and on public property, although against the principal's wishes, was my freedom of speech infringed upon?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Your rights to free speech at school is not unlimited or absolute. Your access to the school for a recreational event (non-educational purposes) is subject to time, place and manner restrictions. You can raise a legal challenge to individual decisions by the school administration, but those are generally brought before the event. It is always an uphill battle to persuade a court to overrule a school's limitations on student conduct, but it can be done and some very significant court decisions have come out of such factual circumstances.

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