Was it illegal to give birth to a baby under my mothers name

Asked 10 months ago - Brainerd, MN

I carried a baby with the intention to give it to my mother. My whole pregnancy I posed as my mother and gave birth under her name. She has been with my mother since the day was born. Can CPS remove her from my mothers home based on the fact that I gave birth to her and my children have been removed. She has only been in my mothers care since birth...

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  1. Christian Ryan Peterson

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    Answered . It's completely permissible to give a child up to your parents, but If CPS is involved and you felt the need to hide this pregnancy there is more going on here than you are letting on. You and your family need to consult with and hire a lawyer immediately to talk about the situation and your options.

  2. Tricia Dwyer

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    Answered . Hello. I agree that it certainly appears that you are in need of major legal counsel and assistance at this time. If you are poor or low income, call Legal Aid Society as a starting point. Otherwise, contact a private attorney. Also, I recommend you phone Crisis Connection 24-7: Trained counselors are present to talk with you and you may phone them repeatedly. You ought not post on a public website.

  3. Matthew Thomas Majeski


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    Answered . Has your mother adopted the baby? What is the basis for the CPS claim? You're going to need to work these issues out; I suggest a lawyer by where you're at to help you.

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  4. Michael J Corbin

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    Answered . Let's see...you were pregnant and impersonated your mother. First, how on earth did any medical provider confuse you with your mother? I'm guessing you're nowhere close in age, and unless you went out-of-your-way to go somewhere where no one knew either of you, this seems impossible. Second, you've clearly committed identity fraud. Insurance fraud (who paid for all your medical care and delivery costs - your mother's private insurance? Or, did the taxpayer pay for it, in which case it's Medicaid fraud). And, you committed fraud in lying on the birth certificate, etc. Let's not forget that the county has every legal right to go after the baby daddy for reimbursement for its costs, presuming you used Medicaid, etc. What about child support? Does the father know that he is a father?

    Bottom line - yes, you broke many, many laws, and you're in a lot of trouble. CPS can certainly take the child from your mother - she isn't the baby's parent or legal guardian. Don't post on a public website again and immediately contact an attorney to see how you (and your mother and the baby) out of this mess. Clearly, you've got a lot more going on here than just wanting to give the baby up to your mother - that could have been accomplished post-birth in a legal fashion.

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