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Warrant for arrest letter

Los Angeles, CA |

Today i recieved a yellow piece of paper saying that i have been issused a warrant for my msised arrest for my dui court date. it shows the bail amount and my dui case number.. What kind of warrant is this? will the cops come to my house and arrest me, is this a bench warrant?

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  1. It is a bench warrant issued by the Judge for failing to appear in court. The cops could come to your house and arrest you. Also if you get pulled over or have any other type of police contact and they run your name they may arrest you if they find the warrant. Get an attorney to go to court and recall the warrant and handle the DUI. Or you could try to do this yourself but I do not recommend it.

  2. Yes it does sound like a bench warrant and you are subject to rest get an
    attorney have him go to court as soon as possible get the warrantcalled and
    court dates

  3. Yes it is a bench warrant. Next time you miss a court date you will be arrested. Hire a lawyer and take care of your DUI case.

  4. You have received a bench warrant for failing to appear for your arraignment (I'm making an assumption there that you missed your arraignment). "Will" the cops come to your house to arrest you? No. But if you have any interaction with law enforcement while this is outstanding, you will likely find yourself in handcuffs.

    Obviously, you need to take care of this. Not only do you have a DUI charge with all those fines, you've now incurred an additional $750 (estimating) fine on this Failure To Appear ("FTA") ticket.

    You would be well served by at least calling an attorney's office and speaking to someone so you have some clue as to how to proceed. Legal representation aside, you need someone to just explain the logistics of all of this to you.

    Call anyone on this list and ask for some advice.

    This is NOT legal advice. No attorney-client relationship exists.

  5. They may not come to the house to arrest you, but you run the risk of ending up in jail if you are pulled over for a traffic violation, etc. The best thing you can do is consult an attorney who can go in on your behalf and clear up the warrant. Act quickly--the longer you wait, the worse it will get.

  6. It is a warrant and you are subject to arrest. While some agencies will send a courtesy letter once a case is filed, unfortunately that does not always happen. The arrest on the warrant usually occurs when a person is pulled over for a traffic violation. It is unlikely the officers would come to our home. Please consult an attorney asap., who can appear on your behalf (depending on the court), have the warrant recalled and a new date set for your arraignment. Good luck!

  7. Its hard to say what kind of warrant it is based on the information you provided. Depending on what court issued the warrant, sometimes a criminal case will begin with the issuance of a warrant and a courtesy letter and yes the police will absolutely come knocking. Its a warrant. If your case already began and you did not appear then it would be a bench warrant. In either case it means you need to surrender asap. If you need assistance with this give us a call.

    Brian Michaels
    Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

  8. That is likely a bench warrant. Without seeing it, I can't confirm it, but most likely that's what it is. Chances are good you missed a court date for your DUI case, and that was issued as a result.

    For a DUI it's not as likely the police will come to your house looking for you (sometimes they do, but there are usually bigger cases to worry about, and not enough time to get to all of them), but at the same time, if you're contacted by the police for a broken tail light or similar, the warrant will likely pop up during their license check, and you could be arrested then and there.

    Don't let them dictate when and where this issue is addressed. Your best bet is to contact a lawyer if you don't already have one for your case, and have them set up a court date to address the warrant. If you already have an attorney, contact them. It's something you could attempt on your own if you wanted to, but I would not recommend it. An attorney will have better knowledge of the court procedures and give you a better shot at a positive outcome.

    The advice provided in this answer should not be considered legal advice. There are many additional details to be discussed before a complete picture can be obtained and before advice can be given. Contacting an attorney for a confidential consultation should be considered.

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