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Wandering what can be done My 5 yr old was on a school bus when it hit and killed a lady walking! The school dint notify me

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On Friday,my baby came home talking about they hit a lady that was getting her grandson off the bus! And she died,however the school did not even call me when this happen,It took me calling and calling the school, i finally reached them at 5 in the afternoon! all they told me i was on a list to be called and there would be someone for the kids to talk to on monday they dint even give me a time! This happen at 11 that morning! I am very upset they did not call when this happen and 6 kids hadto witness this,my baby has not stoped taking since friday,I feel so bad for little coltens family an the bus driver! also for all the children,who in the papar said they dnt see anything,but they did! is it a law the school has to notify you when yourchild in involved in something like this???

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    Make sure your child gets counseling if he or she needs it. Contact a local personal injury lawyer to see if there's a viable claim for bystander emotional distress.

  2. There is no specific statutory time limit for the kind of notification that you feel should have occurred. Given the nature of the event, there were many tasks facing the school administration, and triage would have dictated that emergency and urgent time-sensitive tasks be completed first.

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  3. Make sure your child gets therapy if, in fact, she witnessed the incident as this was certainly a traumatic experience.

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  4. If you do not like the way the school handled the situation, you can file a grievance under the Board of Trustees' policies. While that may give you some satisfaction because you are doing something, I do not believe that anyone will be punished, nor should they be. What is it you would have done had you been called 5 minutes after this woman was killed? After 60 minutes? After 120 minutes? When is it that you believe you should have been called? You should focus your efforts on (a) making sure that someone qualified to deal with young children who witness and experience these types of events is available to work with your child; and (b) making sure procedures are in place so there are no more such bus incidents.

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