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Walk in san bernardino court question about an old unpaid traffic ticket. What to expect.

San Bernardino, CA |

I have a 3 year old unpaid traffic ticket that i never went to court for. I called the fontana clerk and she said i have to come for a walk in court early in the morning to get the hold
On my license lifted (i want to renew my license). My question is what do i expect at this walk in court? Do i have to pay fines right there? What happens if i plead not guilty? Will i be arrested? Do i have to have an attorney represent me? I just want my license back and feel bad for my past mistakes.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Get an attorney to deal with this and get hold lifted; fight the ticket. You need your license and this is holding it up. More than likely it is suspended.

    Andrew Roberts

  2. You can resolve this on your own or hire an attorney who does this regularly. It will take two appearances in court. At the arraignment a not guilty plea is entered and a request that the warrant be quashed and an abstract be sent to the DMV. The court probably will want you to admit the FTA however the case itself can be set for trial.

    If you can afford hiring an attorney it will save you an hour or two in court on two different days and will make sure the matter is handled correctly.

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  3. Probably ltcense is suspeded also. Contact counsel regarding the hold issue.