Wait time for intercepted tax refund from my ex ??

My ex knows that the state will be intercepting his refund and sending it my way... he informed me the other day that he's filed his taxes already, but I'm hard pressed to find out how LONG it takes till I see the check. I've googled it, but I find mixed information between 6weeks and 6 MONTHS! and before anyone wonders, yes, I do try called the CSE customer service line, but its even harder to get anything but a busy dial tone from them.. thanks:)

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Brent Allan Rose

Brent Allan Rose

Family Law Attorney - Tampa, FL

The holdup isn't with CSE, it's with the IRS. They will send you the check in the same amount of time it takes them to send any kind of tax refund. If your ex has a simple 1040 return to process, it usually takes only a couple of weeks. But if he has a complex return with multiple schedules, owes back taxes or has liens, or there are other problems between him and the IRS, the issuance of the check may take months or longer. Remember, all that's happening is that the IRS is replacing your name on his refund check because CSE made a demand to the IRS that the refund be processed that way. Otherwise, his refund is being processed like any other IRS refund. And, of course, when your ex says he's filed his return, who says he's telling the truth?

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Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Tax Lawyer - Long Beach, CA

6 weeks to 6 months is a good overall estimate. The state, their efficiency varies from state to state. Plus, the longer they delay it, the more money they make on their deposits.

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